Loyalsock Football College Athletes

This list may not be accurate to date due to incomplete information. If you know of an athlete not currently listed on this page who played at least one year of college football, please contact us.

Division I

Derrick Bower 2005 Saint Francis University (Pennsylvania)
Bam Brima 2019 University of Pittsburgh
Tyler Brown 2005 University of New Hampshire
Pat Carey 2007 Lafayette College
Brock Choate 2004 University of Maryland, College Park
Mike Green 2005 Saint Francis University (Pennsylvania)
Pat Green 2009 Saint Francis University (Pennsylvania)
Mickey Haller 2014 Sacred Heart University
Phil Krizan 2015 Lafayette College
Crae McCracken 2017 Pennsylvania State University
Nick Tate 2008 University of Pittsburgh
Jamie Van Fleet 2008 Pennsylvania State University
Kyle Van Fleet 2005 Georgetown University
Connor Watkins 2019 Villanova University
Hunter Webb 2018 University of Connecticut
Justin Wood 2016 Georgetown University

Division II

Pat Carey 2007 Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Steven Dewar 2008 Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Saabir Gibson 2014 Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Daniel Harrison 2016 Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Steven Harrison 2014 West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Aaron Hepburn 2013 Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Don Kinney 2010 East Stroudsburg University
Mike Kinney 2012 East Stroudsburg University
Cody McCracken 2013 East Stroudsburg University
Alden Mileto 2017 Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Nate Rainey 2016 Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Corey Stiger 2007 Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Marcus Williams 2017 Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

Division III

Jason Eck 2002 Susquehanna University
Jesse Eggerton 2008 Susquehanna University
James Krizan 2012 Lycoming College
Joe Orso 2013 Juniata College
Henry Rainey 2013 Delaware Valley College
Caleb Robbins 2014 Lycoming College
Justin Van Fleet 2004 Susquehanna University
Eric Worthington 2012 Alfred University
Bailey Young 2014 Widener University


Ryan Ritter 2017 Mansfield University of Pennsylvania
Kardale Taylor 2016 Mansfield University of Pennsylvania
Spencer Underdown 2012 Mansfield University of Pennsylvania